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by mandybollegraf

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Last year I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to write a book about my favourite hobby: taking care of houseplants! I’m so happy to say that last week I’ve finished writing the text. It took me a while, but I’m so pleased with the result and I can’t wait for you to see it! But before you can do that, I must make sure there’s something pretty to look at while you’re flipping through the pages! So now that the writing is done, it’s time to pick up my camera. But you can help me fill the blanks! If you want your plant picture to be featured in my book, keep reading!

What ‘Plantastic’ is about
My book is called ‘Plantastic’ and it covers everything you need to know about starting your own urban jungle: why it’s healthy to surround yourself with plants, where to start, what to buy, which plants you need and how to take care of them, how to propagate plants, what to do when your green friends aren’t feeling so great and much, much more. After reading I hope you feel confident enough to call yourself a proud plant parent because I’m convinced you can grow green fingers!

The cover of my book! In it you’ll find plant portraits with care tips on these green cover girls and many more!

Proud plant parent community
Like mentioned earlier: right now, I’m shooting pictures that go with the text I’ve written. For one chapter I’m shaking things up a bit: I’m not only using my own pictures, I also want to feature your plant perfect pictures! Because I’m not the only crazy plant lady out there posting pictures of my plant family on Instagram and I want to show readers of my book how creative you all are! I’ve been at this plant game on Instagram for a few years now and I’ve seen the proud plant parent community grow bigger every day. There are so many gorgeous plant pictures out there and I’m hoping to find people who’d like to see theirs featured in my book.

Looking for your plant picture!
The chapter you can help me with is about interior styling with houseplants. I’ve come up with fourteen ways to add more plants to your home and create a plantastic interior. Each tip will be accompanied by a fitting picture. For most tips I’ve already found an instagrammer who was kind enough to send me their picture, but I’m still looking for photos to go with these tips:

Can you help me out with these?
Tip from my book: ‘Use hanging shelves in the window to display plants that prefer a bright spot. Comes in handy when there’s no room left on your window sill!’ (So I’m talking actual shelves hanging in front of the window, not next to windows.)
Tip from my book: ‘Place your plant in a basket! Perfect to hide pots you don’t like anymore, and it adds that natural touch to your home.’
Tip from my book: ‘Create symmetry for a serene look’ (Like this picture of my dinner table.)
Tip from my book: ‘Go wild with plants in different spaces in your house or office, don’t stop in your living room!’ (So plants in rooms like the bathroom, hallway, bedroom etc. It needs to be clear in what kind of room the picture is taken.)
Tip from my book: ‘Place a (plant) bench in front of your window if your house lacks window sills.’
Tip from my book: ‘Don’t hide your pretty plant accessories or plant books, display them next to your plants!’ (Like pretty watering cans or misters.)

How to join
Anyone can join, no matter where you’re from! If you have a photo that goes with one of the tips mentioned earlier and you would like to be featured in my book, please message me on Instagram! And/or tag your picture using this hashtag: #plantasticNL You can also send me a message via the contact form on this blog, don’t forget to add the picture 🙂 Most pictures taken with a smart phone are good enough if you send me the original, unedited, picture. You can join until Sunday the 2nd of June 23:59 CEST (UTC +2).

What’s in it for you?
For each tip I’ll choose one picture which will be featured in my book including your name or profile name on Instagram. You will also be mentioned in the photo credit section in the back of the book. You’ll receive an invitation to the book launch which will be at the end of the summer where you get a free copy of the book. For those living far away: don’t worry, I’ll mail the book 😉 I will also send a consolation prize to two people who joined but didn’t make the book! I’ll keep you posted on Instagram! Unfortunately, at the moment Plantastic will only be published in Dutch, luckily your picture says more than a thousand words 😉

Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures!! Surprise me with yours!

Mandy ♡

Wanna be featured in my book? Send me your plant pictures! #plantasticNL

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