Autumn blues? Kill it with (plant) love! (tips for easy houseplants incl.)

by mandybollegraf

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Autumn is definitely here and it’s time to say goodbye to that great summer of 2018. It happens every year and I’ve seen summer pass 32 times in my lifetime. You’d think I’m used to it by now. But I’m still struggling a bit every year. Are you?

♡ Bye, bye summer ♡
It’s not just a changing of the seasons, it’s a shift you must make from within. One you’re not ready to make, but you just have to. And since this is an inevitable occurrence it’s best to just accept what you can’t change. Because hibernation is only awarded to some animals and we don’t go dormant like most plants do in winter.

…and surround yourself with plants, just like the String of Hearts does to this beautiful quote of Stoic philosopher Epictetus: ‘Accept what you can’t change’.

♡ Hello autumn! ♡
Speaking of plants (didn’t take long before this article turned plantastic, I’m green like that). We all know: plants are the answer to everything. No life without plants. That much is clear. And since it’s that time of the year again, when we have to spend more time inside than out, it’s best to make it as comfortable as possible to get us through the cold months.

♡ Inside is the new outside ♡
So: just go and take that blanket, that’s perfect for getting snug on the sofa, home, even if you’ve already have four lying around. Start lighting the candles at 4 pm., make (spiked) hot choco with loads of mini marshmallows and buy a plant! Secretly a tiny way to hold on to that summer feeling a bit longer. Surround yourself with tropical green. Simply bring the outside in.

♡ Easy plant friends ♡
Because life’s too hard as it is, here’s a list of house plants that are easy to take care of. These aren’t too demanding, and you can find them in most garden centres and nurseries. They all kind of have the same wishes when it comes to taking care of them:

They’re not thirsty types, especially not in winter. It’s best to let the soil dry before watering again. For most plants this means you must water them once a week (although this strongly depends on factors like temperature and humidity within the home, size of the plant, weather conditions, season of the year and where you place your plant etc.). They’re forgiving, so they won’t die on you when you forget watering them once or twice. Indirect light is best, but they can handle some sunshine too. Especially in winter when the sunrays aren’t as strong as in summer. Room temperature is fine (20°C – 25°C) and at night temperatures can drop to 12°C. Dry air is not a problem either, so no need to get the plant mister out. Last tip: the occasional good conversation never hurt anyone!

☆ Our 5 superstars ☆
The basic care tips I mentioned before go for all 5 plants. There are some extra tips to take into account. You see them listed below.
♡ SILVER VINE (Scindapsus pictus)
Extra tip: you’ll notice when this one’s thirsty: the leaves curl. When he does this, grab your watering can.
♡ KENTIA PALM (Howea forsteriana)
Extra tip: take a shower together from time to time to wash the dusty leaves. Also great for bonding.
♡ STRING OF HEARTS (Ceropegia linearis subsp. woodii)
Extra tips: only water when the soil is completely dry, don’t place him too far away from a window, and definitely not near central heating. Don’t worry if in winter room temperature drops between 10°C and 20°C. It’s actually better if you want it to flower.
♡ RUBBER PLANT (Ficus elastica)
Extra tip: Wash off dust on leaves with a damp cloth.
♡ SNAKE PLANT (Sansevieria)
Extra tip: Treat these plants like cacti and never water when the soil is still moist. Overwatering kills off Snake Plants easily. Watering once a month in winter will do.

(TTB, LTR) Silver Vine, Kentia Palm, Snake Plant, Rubber Plant, String of Hearts

Time to autumn-proof your home with these popular plants! Maybe all five of them will fit in your empty reading corner. Create your own plant paradise and staying at home will be your new hobby 😉 Get started this weekend. Beat the autumn blues and buy a plant!

Mandy ♡

A big Sansevieria zeylanica in the middle and two Sansevieria cylindrica on both sides.

Rubber Plant playing the lead!

Our Silver Vine is two years old and almost three metres long! ♡

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